Recruitment position

Long-term recruitment of teachers of various subjects
Welcome to join our growing staff of skilled teachers!

Recruiting Talents

Recruiting Talents

Interview process


Preliminary interview by HR

Resume screening
materials verification
interview arrangement


Second interview · demo class

CVs selection(Step1)
CVs selection(Step2)
CVs selection(Step3)
Preparation form

Teaching materials of  corresponding disciplines

20 minutes of simulated classroom lecture

20 minutes of professional presentation  or written examination

10 minutes of  professional Q & A

*The interview results are uniformly scored by the academic expert group

*The principal, executive principal and director of teaching department participate in the interview, and the head teachers should be responsible for designing the discipline assessment standards, assessment questions, and assessment methods


Comprehensive evaluation

Comprehensive scoring
Interview passed
Candidate pool


Documents preparation

Fresh students
  • 1.Tripartite agreement / recommendations from the department
  • 2.Teacher qualification certificate
  • 3.ID
  • 4.Household residence
  • 5.Academic and degree certificate
  • 6.Mandarin Chinese certificate
  • 7.English level certificate
  • 8.Copies of honour certificates and other valid certificates
  • transcript
In-service staff
  • 1.Teacher qualification certificate
  • 2.Academic degree certificate
  • 3.Professional and technical title certificate
  • 4.Mandarin Chinese certificate
  • 5.ID
  • 6.Copies of honour certificates and other valid certificates