MGUS has comprehensive and inclusive courses designed to meet students' academic, emotional and social needs and prepare students for college and life later. Our academic course IGCSE / A-Levels is based on the examination syllabus and requirements of Oxford Examination Board and Edexcel Examination Board, combined with the school's own teaching practice.

GCSE course is a general secondary education certificate course of the UK, which is the basic and preparatory course of A-Levels course. IGCSE is a GCSE course designed for international students. IGCSE courses cover a wide range of disciplines, and its certificates are widely recognized all over the world. IGCSE is also a general preparatory course for A-Levels courses widely used in international schools.

The Oxford AQA and Edexcel examination committees also provide their own versions of the international GCSE examination. Students usually start studying the syllabus in Grade 9 and take the exam at the end of Grade 10. The qualification of passing the exam is based on individual learning subjects, which means that students will obtain "IGCSE" qualification for each subject. Typical "core" subjects for IGCSE candidates include first language, second language, mathematics, one or more science subjects, and one or more humanities subjects, such as business, economics and history.

Most of the IGCSE courses last 2 years. At MGUS, students begin their IGCSE course from IG1 and continue until the final IGCSE exam at the end of the IG2 academic year.

Students can take a separate IGCSE test in each subject they choose, so students are likely to score high in the subjects they are good at without being affected by other subjects.

A-Levels (General Certificate of education advanced level), that is, the British national curriculum system, is an advanced level course of the British general secondary education certificate examination and a college entrance examination course for British students. It is also a global academic course recognized by most countries in the world. The A-Levels course is applicable to middle school students aged 15-18 and graduated from junior high school or vocational high school students with the same educational background.

Generally, domestic A-Levels schools recruit high school students and require them to take relevant entrance examinations. Since the A-Levels courses, including teaching and test paper exercises, are in English. It requires students to have a high level of English. The A-Levels course certificate is used as the admission standard for freshmen by almost all English teaching universities. The purpose of setting up A-Levels course in China is to provide Chinese students with an effective way to enter foreign universities. The specific objectives are: to train students with excellent grades in domestic junior and senior high schools to enter the world's top universities; to train students with intermediate grades in junior and senior high schools in China to enter world-class universities; to train students with average grades in junior and senior high schools in China to enter suitable universities.

For students who have a clear concept of the subjects they are good at, A-Levels is a good choice. In other words, they are "one-sided" in their own advantages. For example, students who are strong in mathematics but weak in English literature will benefit from being able to focus on Mathematics and give up English.

MGUS is authorized by Oxford AQA and Edexcel Examination Board:

Oxford AQA certification number: 96033

Edexcel certification number: 93962