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About Us

About Us

Maple Glory Education is the first school in Fujian Province to introduce A-Levels international courses. The management team and the founding principals come from international schools in North America and first-tier cities in China. We have rich international school operation experience and teaching and research experience In IGCSE and international curriculums. We will provide a complete academic and career plan to help students discover who they are, determine their future development path, nuture their strengths, and get them into the world-renowned school of their dreams.

School Mission / Mission

Seeded in the Orient

Enlightening the World

Seeded in the Orient, enlightening the world

School Vision / Vision

To forge a renowned K100 Centennial School which is deeply rooted in Chinese traditional culture

and integrates western educational ideologies, where three generations of families co-learn in Fujian area.

Training Goal

Training Goal

Cherish time and be faithful    Become aspirational
Seek truth and reason    Compare with sages

The significance of the MGUS badge   /  Crest Interpretation

The outline of the school badge, from the outside to the inside, is square and elegant, standing between the sky and the land. From the bottom up, it is like students rooting in the fertile soil of southern Fujian yet growing vigorously spreading their wings overseas, which is the best interpretation of “Seeded in the orient, enlightening the world!”

Historical Heritage

The part of school badge was a sketch of the building of Yude Girls’ High School, the earliest British high school in Xiamen. After 1840, Xiamen became one of the five treaty ports. In 1870s, British and American churches started new-style school on Gulangyu, which also set a precedent for the new international school of mainland China. Xiamen became the city where the first batch of foreign new-style schools was established in Chinese history. The design of the school badge here is based on the profound meaning of adhering to the historical culture and educational spirit.

Cultural Heritage

The eave symbolizing southern Fujian in the school badge is not only a work of traditional Chinese culture, but also a symbol of students spreading their wings and soaring overseas.

Spiritual Inheritance

The number in the school badge commemorates the year when Mr. Tan Kah Kee’s charitable deeds of running the school were officially recognized and approved by the Sun Yat-sen government. In the same year, Mr. Tan KahKee founded Nanyang Business Daily in Singapore, which opened the way for overseas Chinese to promote independent thinking and culture overseas. The school badge contains this number to commemorate Mr. Tan KahKee’s spirit of founding schools and promoting education.

Broad and Far-reaching

The main color of the badge is green, which represents the thriving and vast expanse of the space. Education is as plain as water, yet broad and far-reaching.


SCHOOL HISTORY   /  School History

Course focus Original Intention of founder

In 2006, the core team of MGUS started to focus on the teaching and research of A-Level courses. They were the first batch of practitioners of A-Level courses. They promoted and popularized the A-Level courses in Shenzhen, making a profound influence towards the international curriculum practice among international schools in Shenzhen.


SCHOOL HISTORY   /  School History

Back to Xiamen Intensive cultivation

In 2014, the core team of MGUS returned to Xiamen and began to carefully plan the establishment of MGUS. In 2016, the British IGCSE/A-LEVEL course was introduced to Fujian for the first time. MGUS became the first dual certification unit of British Oxford AQA Examination Board and the British Pearson Edexcel Examination Board in Fujian Province. (Oxford AQA certification number: 96033; Edexcel certification number: 93962)


SCHOOL HISTORY   /  School History

Rooted in Southern Fujian  Expanding the horizon to the world

From 2017 to 2018, MGUS officially started enrolling students in Xiamen. In 2019, MGUS was recognized as the National Gold Accredited School by Oxford AQA Examination Board due to its remarkable school performance, which is a great honor shared by only ten schools across the country.


SCHOOL HISTORY   /  School History

MGUS students Fruitful achievements

In 2020, offers from Oxford University, Imperial College London, University College London, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Toronto and many other top universities in the world have been released to MGUS graduates. MGUS also created the history of the first local student being admitted to Oxford University in Fujian Province!


SCHOOL HISTORY   /  School History

Centennial school To be continued……

As of 2021, MGUS students have received 50 admissions. The acceptance rate of QS World Ranking Top 100 Universities is 73%. Among them, the acceptance rates of the Russell Group Universities and US News Top 50 Universities are both 100%!

Message from the Principal

Principal's Note

Let us light up the path to success for students.

The desire of Chinese parents for high-quality international education has brought us from all over China and around the world to MGUS. At MGUS, we strive to achieve our mission. We should be grateful that we have the opportunity to enrich the lives of students with our knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in teaching and education.

MGUS embodies the ideals of education, that is, "Seeded in the orient, Enlightening the world", and has introduced an excellent international education project. Through years of success and setbacks, we have accumulated the necessary experience to help students thrive and send many students to top universities in the world. However, as the competition of newly established schools becomes more and more fierce, and the expectations of students and parents are getting higher and higher, we can’t just stick to the old methods and ideas, but need to improve teaching professionalism, change teaching methods, and develop and perfect the curriculum , improve the quality of teaching, upgrade the facilities and hardware, focus on the joint efforts of home and school to face the challenge, and devote to cultivating world citizens with scientific spirit, humanistic background, international vision and academic ability.

--------  Principal  Ma Xiao

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