Interdisciplinary Courses

Interdisciplinary Course

Course Description

Nowadays, the requirements for talents are no longer confined to a single dimension. The complex and changing world requires the versatility of talents, which pays more attention to the cultivation of core competence and mindsets, such as teamwork, problem solving, learning and practice, communication, etc. In MGUS, teaching methods mostly target at cultivating students' thinking, such as critical thinking and creative thinking. In order to enable students to think broadly and deeply, and practice liberal education, the curriculum of MGUS is no longer focusing on conveying knowledge only, but nursing the ability of comprehensive application by constructing an interdisciplinary knowledge framework.

The interdisciplinary curriculum of MGUS aims to break disciplinary barriers. It hopes that students will be able to think freely and grow into responsible adults, who view knowledge from the perspective of humanity and the world as a whole, which ultimately is conducive to the formation of a comprehensive international vision.

At present, in view of the different points of interest in different subjects, our school has integrated the several different subjects to improve the teaching result. Teaching reforms are adopted to enhance students' sensory cognition and learning enthusiasm in an all-round way.

  • Stage One:Interdisciplinary teaching of social sciences
  • Stage Two:Interdisciplinary teaching of natural sciences
  • Stage Three:Interdisciplinary teaching of relevant subjects



In our interdisciplinary practice this semester, the classic poem of by Bai Juyi was reproduced as a result of the exploration of interdisciplinary courses. Integrating the historical background and literary analysis, Principal Ma composed the lyrics and the head of the music club Mr. Wu composed the music. Students rehearsed under the guidance of school music teacher. Finally, a new research achievementwas given birth through the performance of both Chinese and Western instruments such as bass drums, bass, electric guitar, pipa, etc. At present, the views of by MGUS have exceeded one hundred thousand on We Media.